kyBoot and kyBounder Care

kyBoot and kyBounder Care


Which cleaning agents should be used on the kyBounder plus?

We recommend the following for cleaning the upper material of the kyBounder:

This sort of material can usually be cleaned with hydro-alcoholic solutions (denatured alcohol and water), with the usual degreasing agents based on alcohol, water or neutral soaps that are available in supermarkets or simply with water and neutral soap.

Never use surface cleaning agents such as toluene, DMF, acetone, ketone, turpentine, benzene, diesel etc.

Can I wash the kyBounder?

If the kyBounder has a red or grey fabric cover, the cover can be removed and washed at 40 degrees Celsius. The soft, elastic mat itself should not be washed or it will lose its optimum effectiveness.



Which care products can I use?

In caring for your shoes, use commercially available , mild care and cleaning products. Clean the kyBoot by hand only (not in a washing machine) and avoid getting water in the shoe. After cleaning, apply a suitable leather care product from a footwear retailer.

Does the kyBoot need to be waterproofed?

To ensure your continued enjoyment of your kyBoot, we recommend regular waterproofing and cleaning. This better protects the upper material from dirt and water. Before first using the kyBoot, you should apply a suitable waterproofing spray for synthetic leather.
Important: Do not waterproof a kyBoot that has patent leather upper material.

The sole is waterproof from the outside and further waterproofing is not necessary.

What happens to a kyBoot if water gets into it?

If water gets into the kyBoot, vacuum excess moisture out carefully with a vacuum cleaner. When you are finished, dry the kyBoot at room temperature. Avoid extreme or direct heat, which could damage the sole or the upper leather.

What effect does strong sunlight have?

Strong or prolonged sunlight damages the upper material. The leather and the other materials can become brittle. Colors also change: colors fade, and whitish tones can yellow, as can light sole colors.