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Feet: the key to a healthy body 

Back trouble and problems with the hips, knees, feet and veins, or age-related falls, are widespread. The main cause is a lack of strength, coordination and flexibility in the feet. Walking on flat surfaces in heels (limiting your stride) restricts the movement of your feet and weakens your muscles. 

As you walk, your body compensates for the small amount of work your feet are doing by making the hips work too hard. This unnatural interaction between your foot motor and hip motor leads to tenseness, muscular imbalances, compensatory stances and bad postures, which increase as time goes by.

Orthopaedic complaints, vascular problems and falls in old age are thus only symptoms of the feet lacking daily exercise on the natural surfaces for which our body is built. An analysis of primitive people‘s upright gait shows that their posture is directly related to the hard work their feet have to do as a result of walking on a natural surface every day. Such people have no problems with their locomotor system, up to an advanced age.

Changing your gait by strengthening your feet

Making kybun MechanoTherapy part of your everyday life will strengthen your foot motor so that it takes the load off your hip motor as you walk, and the active forces of your locomotor system shift from your hips and pelvic area towards your feet. You shift towards a foot-based gait, with your body losing its hunched, compensatory stance and adopting a natural, fully erect posture with joint movements (e.g. knee stretches) carried all the way through.

Shifting to a foot-based gait is in many cases an effective means of pain relief for widespread medical diagnoses (e.g. heel spurs, bunions). Unless you are suffering from a diagnosed disorder, your symptoms will be relieved and the cause treated.

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