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Women's Boots

Women's tall kyboot shoes are ideal for those seeking comfort on the trail, snow or other long walks in nature. Other models in this collection are perfectly suited for a more casual look at home or work.
Arosa $413.00
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Baekdu (clearance) $389.00
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Daegu (clearance) $287.00 $379.00
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Davos $399.00
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Jungfrau $428.00
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Jungfrau 17 (New Hiking Sole) $428.00
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Rigi (new hiking sole) $428.00
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St. Moritz $428.00
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kyBoot Sizing and Fit

To get a size recommendation, look for this button next to the photo of the shoe:






About kyBoot Width:

All kyBoot shoes are generally wide (4E). However, there is variance among the models due to 2 factors: 

  1. Sole Type - affects the shape of the shoe
  2. Upper material - affects the lateral flexibility

We therefore make recommendations for each model based on foot shape. If there are any special recommendations - they will be included in the product description.

Special Recommendations:

For the Comfort Sole, Training Sole and Sandal Sole:

  1. Order the same size as the charts below indicate.
  2. Take note if there are any recommendations for the model you chose, and if so follow them. Not all models fit equally.

For the Slimfit Sole:

  1. If your feet are narrow keep the chart size
  2. If you have a wide midfoot order one half size up (e.g. from 8.5 to 9)
  3. If you have a wide forefoot order a full size up (e.g. from 8.5 to 9.5)


Not sure about the size or model? No problem! We'll be happy to advise on the perfect fit at info@kyboot.shoes. We also have a free returns policy - so rest assured we are here to help you find the ideal kyboot for your feet. Click here to contact us.