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Systemic Disorders


Chronic Polyarthritis/ Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chronic polyarthritis is one of the most common chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases. If left untreated, it can destroy the joints and lead to severe disabilities.

kybun products gently mobilise your joints when walking and standing, particularly the foot, knee and hip joints and the back. This way, you can integrate preventative training into your daily routine and counteract wear and tear on the joints in the long term.


Gout is called a lifestyle disease because the outbreak of the illness is promoted by factors such as obesity, an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise. However, the underlying cause of gout is usually a congenital metabolic disorder.

kybun can have a positive effect on the triggering factors of the disease, such as a lack of exercise and its consequences (obesity, circulatory diseases). kybun brings movement into your daily life and provides relief for painful joints.


It is not possible to make general statements since the severity of symptoms among individuals affected by polyneuropathy differs widely.

The kyBoot has an unstable sole which promotes the coordination and strength of the feet and the entire body. The wearer can also feel the ground through the sole, boosting confidence while walking and stimulating foot sensitivity.

Symptoms such as dizziness, gait disturbances, and coordination and balance disturbances can therefore be addressed effectively with the kyBoot. Affected individuals can perform daily, adapted training with the kyBoot independently.

Diabetes mellitus

kybun helps you regain your joy of movement while losing excess pounds along the way, without spending any additional time. Standing comfortably on the kyBounder or walking in the soft, elastic kyBoot allows you to exercise with less or even no pain, covering longer distances, and has numerous other positive effects on your body.
Among other things, it promotes circulation in the feet and improves sensitivity.


Stroke is among the most common illnesses and the third most frequent cause of death in Germany. Furthermore, stroke is the most common cause of moderate and severe disability.

Thanks to light everyday exercise, kybun keeps your body fit and strong, which helps with prevention. After a stroke, kybun can provide significant rehabilitation support by restoring the body’s balance through gentle training.


While some fibromyalgia sufferers are primarily affected by pain, others complain mainly of fatigue, tension, difficulty in concentration and the necessity of abnormally long recovery periods after physical, mental or emotional strain.

Movement helps combat pain, strengthens the body and improves well-being.
kybun is particularly effective when it comes to providing relief from pain and fatigue. Standing on the soft, elastic material is gentle on the body since the impact from hard surfaces is dampened. This is very pleasant and helps you to walk more easily despite pain and fatigue.

Excessive weight

Excessive weight is a common condition in the western world. One reason for this is lack of movement. This disorder is talked about in the media every day, and there are countless books about nutrition and diets; nevertheless, affected individuals are usually overwhelmed with their situation and have already tried numerous methods without success.

kybun can help you bring movement into your everyday routine without spending additional time. It has been proven that moderate movement distributed throughout the day is a healthier and easier way to lose many excess pounds.


Those who suffer from haemophilia bleed longer than healthy people. Depending on the severity of the disorder, bleeding can be spontaneous, that is without a preceding injury. Spontaneous bleeding occurs in healthy people just as frequently, but they heal quickly and these incidents therefore go unnoticed. Bleeding can occur anywhere in the body, but certain areas, such as joints, are typical for haemophiliacs.

kybun allows you to gently mobilise your joints and strengthen your musculature, reducing pain and restoring the joy of movement.


Those who suffer from rheumatism usually lose the joy of movement or even actively avoid it because of the pain caused by soft tissue and/or joint pain and fear of additional pain.

It is important that rheumatism sufferers exercise moderately but regularly. kybun can help you rediscover the joy of movement. Thanks to the soft, elastic material of the kyBoot sole or the mat, the impact from hard floors is absorbed and pain decreases. This makes it possible to walk longer distances, thus training the body gently.

Cancer/chemotherapy/radiation therapy

Cancer and chemotherapy/radiation therapy severely weaken the body.

The stabilizing leg and trunk musculature can be gently trained on the soft, elastic kyBoot sole/kyBounder mat. Walking/standing with kybun is very pleasant and relieves the body by absorbing the impact of hard surfaces. The increased foot rolling and the associated muscle activity in the lower leg stimulates the circulation and the lymph system.