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It is possible to increase stamina and fitness with minimal effort thanks to the soft, springy kyBounder mat. The flexible surface gets the body moving. The small movements relax and strengthen the muscles, stimulate metabolism and train the autonomic nervous system.
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kybun makes you a winner

An increasing number of sports clubs and athletes are discovering the benefits of the kybun philosophy for sport.
Here is an overview of the clubs and athletes that train and recover with kybun products:

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Use kybun products in your return to physical well-being

Whether you’re at work, at home, playing sport or simply relaxing, injuries can occur at any time. Unfortunately, preventative measures cannot always ensure that you avoid them. 

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National Youth Sports Center Tenero

Junior athletes are fit thanks to the kyBounder

The national training center in Tenero has integrated the kyBounder into its training program for junior athletes. Conditioning coach Marko Rapp regularly uses the kyBounder in training sessions in order to improve jumping power, balance and coordination. “Simultaneously combining power with stability makes the kyBounder unique. This intensifies muscle vibrations,” says Rapp, explaining the special effects of the kyBounder.

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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

There are various types of Nordic walking. One type involves taking unnaturally long steps. This type of Nordic walking is not only extremely bad for your joints and back, it is also completely unsuitable for kyBoot shoes.

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A better handicap thanks to the kyBounder

improve your golf with kybounderCore stability and good coordination are essential for golf. Yet this is where many players’ weaknesses emerge. 
The soft, springy kyBounder mat allows any golfer to simply and effectively improve their body rotation and balance. Exercises and swing training are particularly effective when performed barefoot on the kyBounder. The instability of the springy mat strengthens body perception and balance. Regular exercise sessions on the kyBounder result in significantly better core stability. The kyBounder allows muscles to quickly regenerate after a round on the golf course. 

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Jogging in kyBoot shoes

Jogging is a form of endurance training that increases physical stamina and the efficiency of your body. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system. kyBoot shoes are perfectly suited for running thanks to their soft, bouncy air-cushion soles.

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Ice hockey

Ice hockey – The fastest moving team sport in the world

kybounder help ice hockey training“There has been a definite improvement in performance since we incorporated the kyBounder into our training program. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The kyBounder is the perfect complement to our training program.”

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Top soccer players train using the kybun method

The kyBounder mat, kyBoot shoes and the kyTrainer are ideal training devices for working on acceleration speed, flexibility, jumping power and coordination. That’s why numerous renowned soccer clubs use various kybun products during their training sessions. For example, kybun mechanotherapy is used by German sports clubs HSV, Swiss sporting club BSC Young Boys and at St. Gallen Football Club. Both amateur and professional athletes can benefit from this intensive training method.

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Skiing and snowboarding

Fit for winter sports

Franz Heinzer, world champion in downhill skiingSnow sports exert tremendous force on the knees, feet and back. For this reason, it is important for winter sports athletes to train their joints and muscles throughout the year. This helps prevent injuries. kyBoot shoes are the ideal training device.
“kyBoot shoes are the best training device for winter sports athletes,” says Franz Heinzer, world champion in downhill skiing and coach of the Swiss ski team.

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Popular Sports

Posture remains balanced thanks to the natural foot movements on the soft, springy kyBounder mat. Exercising on the kyBounder strengthens the often neglected, deep layers of posture muscles.

Typical Pilates exercises are carried out on the kyBounder at kybun Pilates. The soft, springy structure of the mat keeps the body constantly moving in order to maintain balance and posture, thereby increasing the intensity of the workout

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Competitive Sport

Sport doctors recommend regularly strengthening the deep muscles in order to optimally prepare yourself for competition. Only active, strengthened muscles can provide protection against damage to ligaments, tendons and joints. Usually, only the large muscle groups are exercised regularly and the small, delicate segments are often neglected. This unnecessarily increases the risk of an injury.


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kyBoot Sizing and Fit

To get a size recommendation, look for this button next to the photo of the shoe:





About kyBoot Width:

All kyBoot shoes are generally wide (4E). However, there is variance among the models due to 2 factors: 

  1. Sole Type - affects the shape of the shoe
  2. Upper material - affects the lateral flexibility

We therefore make recommendations for each model based on foot shape. If there are any special recommendations - they will be included in the product description.

Special Recommendations:

For the Comfort Sole, Training Sole and Sandal Sole:

  1. Order the same size as the charts below indicate.
  2. Take note if there are any recommendations for the model you chose, and if so follow them. Not all models fit equally.

For the Slimfit Sole:

  1. If your feet are narrow keep the chart size
  2. If you have a wide midfoot order one half size up (e.g. from 8.5 to 9)
  3. If you have a wide forefoot order a full size up (e.g. from 8.5 to 9.5)


Not sure about the size or model? No problem! We'll be happy to advise on the perfect fit at We also have a free returns policy - so rest assured we are here to help you find the ideal kyboot for your feet. Click here to contact us.

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