Other health conditions – kyBoot

Other health conditions


Bone fracture – is kybun helpful?

kybun helps you gently train your body without overstraining it after the successful healing of a fracture. The bone can gradually get used to increased loads while the muscular tissue and ligament apparatus are strengthened.

Tense muscles/muscle stiffness (neck and shoulder problems)

With kybun you can actively do something about muscle tension and prevent the development of more severe pain, limited mobility and stiff joints.

Pain with kybun

You may experience initial reactions when you first use the kyBoot/kyBounder. On the one hand, your existing pain may worsen, and on the other, complaints may arise in a part of your body that had previously been symptom-free. It is possible that complaints suddenly arise after two or three months in the kyBoot even though there was previously no indication of a problem, or if there were problems, they affected another part of the body.

Contraindications, discouragement from physician

The kyBoot is not only a comfortable shoe for everyday wear, but also a fitness device that complements conventional physiotherapy.
On the one hand, kybun products require a thorough professional introduction before use, and on the other, they offer a huge potential for prevention and treatment of a wide variety of disorders.
There are, however, disorders for which the kybun products can be counterproductive and should not be used at all or only in small doses, especially at first.


You will feel relief in the legs and joints immediately when walking in the kyBoot or standing on the kyBounder. At the same time, you can gently strengthen the musculature of the entire body, which in turn protects the back and the remaining joints against excessive strain.

Soft, elastic sole

The soft, elastic sole of the kyBoot/kyBounder gives your foot a pleasant feeling when walking and standing. Your foot can roll over naturally, much like it does when you walk barefoot on a natural surface. The three-dimensional freedom of movement on the soft, elastic material trains the foot musculature with every step.

Lateral or medial rolling/one-side material fatigue

In the kyBoot/on the kyBounder, you can build up your foot musculature again so that your feet regain power and stability and lateral/medial rolling occurs less or not at all.

The human body is built for walking barefoot on natural terrain. This trains and strengthens the feet with every step from day to day. In contrast, civilised man walks on flat surfaces in shoes with stiff soles or heels, impairing the movement of the foot and thus weakening it. If such a weakened foot is inserted into a kyBoot, it will probably be overtaxed at first. Lateral/medial rolling is an initial sign of this weakness.