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Elderly People


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The Swiss air cushion shoe, kyBoot can work wonders. It only takes a few hours to see clear improvements in walking posture. For many elderly people, walking with a hunched back causes severe pain. The 93-year-old from Grison, Christian Marugg is a good example.
Without drugs or other treatment, it took mere hours in the Swiss air cushion shoe for Christian to improve his posture and enjoy pain relief. Just by wearing the kyBoot Shoes.


Keep fit and mobile throughout life

Regular exercise can prevent many diseases related to the aging process. Physical activity also slows down the biological aging process. The soft, springy kyBounder mat brings movement into your everyday routine. The kyBounder trains your balance and mobility. Users notice a significant improvement in posture and gait. It is simple to integrate the gentle training into your everyday routine. Do it while watching TV, ironing or cooking.


The following retirement homes promote the health of their residents with the kybun movement concept



    Brain and muscular activity from a health perspective

    “Technologies that have been developed over the past decade have allowed us to gain a closer insight into regional brain circulation and regional brain metabolism as well as neurotransmitter behavior during physical activity. This required us to revise some of our traditional viewpoints, such as the belief that it was not possible to influence regional blood circulation in the brain through muscular activity and the inalterability of brain metabolism.

    Fall prevention

    Gentle training for better mobility 

    Some 90 per cent of all osteoporotic fractures are caused by falls. Training on the kyBounder is effective in preventing falls.