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kybun brings movement to the workplace

The revolutionary kybun movement concept is a simply way to improve workplace ergonomics. Exercising while standing upright on the soft, springy kyBounder mat is the healthy alternative to sitting passively. The soft, springy structure of the mat subtly keeps the foot and leg muscles in constant activity in order to maintain balance and posture. What’s more, combining the kyBounder with a standing desk is an important part of health management. A comfortable workplace increases motivation and employee satisfaction and reduces sick leave absences.

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Renowned companies are just some of our satisfied customers

An increasing number of employers are discovering the benefits of the kybun philosophy for work. The following companies use kybun shoes:

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Kybun Waiting Room

The kybun waiting room – Doctors recommend the kyBounder

Alongside malnutrition and smoking, lack of exercise is one of the main causes of lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart diseases. Doctors recommend the kyBounder to patients as the soft springy mat allows them to do a moderate amount of movement while completing everyday activities. Medical professionals use the kyBounder as a therapy or preventative measure for back pain, venous diseases and foot problems, among others things.

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Break Area

Take a kybun break

Relax on your feet during your break.A representative study has proven that breaks are a fixed part of our daily work routines, yet are rarely used to increase productivity and motivation.

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Conference Room

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Don’t sit, float

kybounder at the officeMany people who work in offices suffer from tension, muscular imbalance and back pain. Passive sitting can cause these physical ailments. Working on a kyBounder at a standing desk, for example, is the ergonomic alternative for the workplace. The flexible surface strengthens small muscles, releases tension and positively influences your well-being.

Studies show that moderate exercise increases performance and improves concentration when combined with mental activity. The kyBounder makes you more alert and creative, while ensuring you still have plenty of energy left in the evening.

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Cooking is fun, and now you can do it while standing!

the most comfortable chef's shoeNo more tired legs
Good shoes are essential for jobs in the catering sector, whether you’re in the kitchen or waiting tables. Standing for long periods of time in the wrong shoes quickly leads to tired legs and aching feet. kyBoot shoes remedy this and promote well-being in the workplace.

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Breeze through the working day

Many butchers suffer from health problems such as aching feet, tension and back pain. This is mainly caused by long working hours with long periods of standing, heavy lifting and putting strain on one side of the body.

kyBoot shoes promote well-being in the workplace. The walk-on-air sole of the kyBoot provides optimal shock absorption and noticeably reduces the stress on the body. This allows you to float through your work day on the soft, bouncy air cushion.

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Health begins with the feet

Long and intensive working days are common in the healthcare sector. Doctors and nurses spend the entire day on their feet, putting enormous strain on their bodies. Tired legs, back pain and vein problems are the most common medical issues among people in this sector. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

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"Bakers might make the best rolls, but Müller makes the best shoes"

For many bakers, aching feet, tension and back pain are part and parcel of their daily routine. These ailments are primarily caused by long hours of standing, lifting, carrying heavy loads and putting too much strain on one side of the body. 

kyBoot shoes are comfortable and healthy, making them perfect for bakers to wear at work. kyBoot shoes feature a unique air cushion sole. This provides optimal shock absorption and noticeably reduces stress on the body.

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kyBoot Sizing and Fit

To get a size recommendation, look for this button next to the photo of the shoe:





About kyBoot Width:

All kyBoot shoes are generally wide (4E). However, there is variance among the models due to 2 factors: 

  1. Sole Type - affects the shape of the shoe
  2. Upper material - affects the lateral flexibility

We therefore make recommendations for each model based on foot shape. If there are any special recommendations - they will be included in the product description.

Special Recommendations:

For the Comfort Sole, Training Sole and Sandal Sole:

  1. Order the same size as the charts below indicate.
  2. Take note if there are any recommendations for the model you chose, and if so follow them. Not all models fit equally.

For the Slimfit Sole:

  1. If your feet are narrow keep the chart size
  2. If you have a wide midfoot order one half size up (e.g. from 8.5 to 9)
  3. If you have a wide forefoot order a full size up (e.g. from 8.5 to 9.5)


Not sure about the size or model? No problem! We'll be happy to advise on the perfect fit at We also have a free returns policy - so rest assured we are here to help you find the ideal kyboot for your feet. Click here to contact us.