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At Home

daily dose of healthy activity

The kyBoot and kyBounder make your life healthier and more dynamic.

kyBoot: there's nothing more comfortable
With the slip-on kyBoot you can enjoy that 'walking on air' feeling even at home. You don't just walk in kyBoot; you float on a soft, supple honeycomb of air cushioning. Every step momentarily launches you into weightlessness. kyBoot take the strain off your back, strengthen your muscles and are kind on your joints. This perfect shoe for everyday is made with permeable netting to let your feet breathe.

kyBounder: your daily workout
The kyBounder is a springy, soft and supple standing mattress designed for daily use. Its reactive material allows the foot to sink in deep and springs right back to its original position - creating a unique floating sensation. It’s like an active memory foam for the feet. The kyBounder improves your balance, coordination and all-round core fitness without taking up any extra time at all. The kyBounder plus is also suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, with a water repellent, wipe-clean surface.

In the Study

Creativity in the home office

Relax while working from homeWorking from home isn’t always easy, especially on weekends when you’re not even supposed to be working. You’ve only just finished filing your tax return form and you already feel run down and exhausted. You go straight from your office chair to the couch in order to at least be able to relax and enjoy the evening.

Don’t sit in your office, stand up! Standing on the kyBounder is fun and keeps you mentally fit. The movement you need to keep your balance on the springy mat combined with mental activity helps you work more efficiently and increases learning and performance capacities as well as creativity. What’s great about this method is that afterwards, you feel fitter, not flabbier.

In the Kitchen

Prepare vegetables without any pain

Less tension when preparing vegetablesFood preparation often leads to painful tension in the neck and back. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Take advantage of the kyBounder and install a soft, air-cushion walkway directly beneath your kitchen units. From time to time, bounce on the mat with your knees fully extended. You’ll feel your muscles loosen. This allows you to enjoy cooking and vegetable preparation once more and savor the meals you create.
Don’t worry about dropping anything on the kyBounder. The textile cover is easy to clean and can be washed at 40°C. You can also change the cover.

In the Living Room

Keep fit in the comfort of your own home

We all know that we spend too much of our time sitting and that this is bad for our posture, which leads to pain, poor posture and sick leave from work. With the arrival of standing desks in the home and at work, standing has become a soothing alternative to sitting. kybun is in favor of active standing in the comfort of your own home. Let’s be honest, there are numerous opportunities to use the kyBounder when you’re standing in one place for a long period of time. Examples include when watching TV, ironing or talking on the phone.

In the Bathroom

Jump-start your day

Start the day with kybun and a spring in your stepThe kyBounder gives you a jump start and perks up reluctant early birds. Whether you’re drying your hair, shaving or putting on make-up, the soft, springy mat gets your body moving. The subtle balancing movements train the muscles in your feet and legs, allowing you to start your day with a mini workout session.
Discover how kyBounder gently stimulates circulation. A sense of well-being spreads throughout your entire body in no time at all. The kyBounder allows you to begin your day feeling fit.
The kyBounder plus is particularly well-suited for use in the bathroom. Its unique coating means that it is water-proof and easy to clean.